McLane (Mac) Watson is a graduate student part of the Immunology program at the University of Pittsburgh. In 2015, Mac received his B.S. in Biology from Hope College in Holland, MI. After graduating college, Mac worked as a lab technician at the Van Andel Institute in Grand Rapids, MI in the lab of Dr Cindy Miranti. There he studied prostate cancer and how prostate differentiation played a key role in tumorigenesis. Mac gained an interest in tumor immunology from observing how classic cancer therapy approaches had hit a road block, but new immunological approaches showed promise. Mac joined the Delgoffe lab May 2017.


Currently, Mac’s project focuses on the role of a subset of T cells, called T regulatory cells (Treg), and their role in the tumor microenvironment. Specifically, he is interested in how the metabolism of Treg cells specially equips them to thrive in the tumor microenvironment and suppress effector immune cells.

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