we are actively recruiting passionate scientists to work in the lab!

Summer 2019 recruitment 

The Delgoffe Lab is looking to recruit a Staff Scientist/Research Associate. This position will be critically involved in the day-to-day operations of the laboratory, facilitating both the current experimental and programmatic needs of the lab but also helping to generate crucial models and data for future work. The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D with experience in tumor immunology, with requisite expertise in a large array of bench protocols. 

We are seeking an Experienced Laboratory Technician to join the Delgoffe Lab. This position will be critically involved in running immunologic experiments based on clinical trial samples as well as running preclinical and translational experiments in mice and human cell culture.  The ideal candidate will have experience in flow cytometry, cell culture, histology, and potentially animal modeling. Candidates should possess a Masters Degree or a Bachelors with experience working in a cancer or immunology lab.

The Delgoffe Lab is also recruiting postdoctoral researchers to work on several fully funded scientific projects in the lab. Those with interests and experience in cancer immunology, T cell metabolism, immune cell imaging, regulatory T cell biology. We have a number of exciting projects that utilize both novel preclinical models as well as clinical samples to ascertain various immunometabolic parameters in T cell responses.

Interested individuals, please contact Greg at gdelgoffe@pitt.edu for more information.