we are actively recruiting passionate scientists to work in the lab!

Summer 2019 recruitment 

We are seeking Laboratory Technicians to join the Delgoffe Lab. These positions will be critically involved in running immunologic experiments based on clinical trial samples as well as running preclinical and translational experiments in mice and human cell culture.  The ideal candidates will have experience in flow cytometry, cell culture, histology, and potentially animal modeling. Bioinformatics experience a major plus. Candidates should possess a Masters Degree or a Bachelors with experience working in a cancer or immunology lab.

The Delgoffe Lab is also recruiting postdoctoral researchers to work on several funded scientific projects in the lab. Experience in flow cytometry, metabolic readouts (extracellular and isotopic flux analysis), animal models, T cell signaling, microscopy, and/or bioinformatics would be desirable.

Basic T cell metabolism: Two positions in the laboratory are available to explore the metabolic underpinnings of T cell function and dysfunction. Research areas include hypoxic regulation of T cell differentiation, metabolic control of early T cell effector functions, and metabolic-epigenetic crosstalk in T cell fate decisions.

Translational immunometabolism and immunotherapy: Two positions are available to explore how various immunotherapies can be improved through metabolic approaches, including analysis of human tissue-infiltrating T cells directly from combination clinical trials.

We are not actively recruiting Ph.D students at present.

Interested individuals, please contact Greg at gdelgoffe@pitt.edu for more information.