The following are Delgoffe lab and associated publications - feel free to contact for reprints.


original manuscripts

Dayana B. Rivadeneira, Kristin DePeaux, Yiyang Wang, Aditi Kulkarni, Tracy Tabib, Ashley V. Menk, Padmavathi Sampath, Robert Lafyatis, Robert L. Ferris, Saumendra N. Sarkar, Stephen H. Thorne, Greg M. Delgoffe. “Oncolytic Viruses Engineered to Enforce Leptin Expression Reprogram Tumor-Infiltrating T Cell Metabolism and Promote Tumor Clearance” Immunity. 2019 Aug 27.

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Menk AV*, Scharping NE*, Moreci RS, Zeng X, Guy C, Salvatore S, Bae H,
Xie J, Young HA, Wendell SG, Delgoffe GM. "Early TCR Signaling Induces Rapid
Aerobic Glycolysis Enabling Distinct Acute T Cell Effector Functions." Cell Reports. 2018 Feb 6.

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review articles

Zavras PD, Wang Y, Gandhi A, Lontos K, Delgoffe GM. “Evaluating tisagenlecleucel and its potential in the treatment of relapsed or refractory diffuse large B cell lymphoma: evidence to date.” Onco Targets Ther. 2019 June 11.

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Delgoffe GM and Powell JD. “Feeding an army: the metabolism of T cells in activation, anergy, and exhaustion.” Mol Immunol. 2015 Dec.

collaborative manuscripts

Chang Liu, Maria Chikina, Rahul Deshpande, Ashley V. Menk, Ting Wang, Tracy Tabib, Erin A. Brunazzi, Kate M. Vignali, Ming Sun, Donna B. Stolz, Robert A. Lafyatis, Wei Chen, Greg M. Delgoffe, Creg J. Workman, Stacy G. Wendell, and Dario A.A. Vignali. “Treg Cells Promote the SREBP1-Dependent Metabolic Fitness of Tumor-Promoting Macrophages via Repression of CD8+ T Cell-Derived Interferon-g” Immunity. 2019 Aug 20.

Alicia R. Watson, Helong Dai, Yawen Zheng, Ryosuke Nakano, Anastasios D. Giannou, Ashley V. Menk, Donna B. Stolz, Greg M. Delgoffe, and Angus W. Thomson. “mTORC2 Deficiency Alters the Metabolic Profile of Conventional Dendritic Cells” Front. Immunol., 2019 July 2.

Shao L, Hou W, Scharping NE, Vendetti FP, Srivastava R, Roy CN, Menk AV, Wang Y, Chauvin JM, Karukonda P, Thorne SH, Hornung V, Zarour HM, Bakkenist CJ, Delgoffe GM, Sarkar SN. “IRF1 inhibits antitumor immunity through the upregulation of PD-L1 in the tumor cell” Cancer Immunol Res. 2019 June 25.

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greg's previous major papers

Delgoffe GM*, Woo SR*, Turnis ME, Guy CS, Overacre AE, Gravano DM, Bettini ML, Finkelstein DF, Bonnevier J, Vogel P, Workman CJ and Vignali DA. “Stability and function of regulatory T cells is maintained by a neuropilin-1–semaphorin-4a axis.” Nature. 2013 Sep 12.

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Zheng Y*, Delgoffe GM*, Meyer CF*, Chan W, Powell JD. "Anergic T cells are metabolically anergic." J Immunol. 2009 Oct 19.