Delgoffe Lab @ SITC 2018!


The Delgoffe lab is ready for the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) 33rd Annual Meeting in Washington D.C.! The whole gang will be there, and we are presenting!

Four lab members are giving talks at SITC 2018!

  • Nicole Scharping on Friday @ 1:30pm - Chronic T cell activation and metabolic stress promote the exhausted T cell state by inducing epigenetic inflexibility (also poster P207)

  • Greg M. Delgoffe on Friday @ 5:25pm - Enhancement of Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Through Vector-Encoded Metabolic Modulation of the Tumor Microenvironment

  • Ashley Menk on Friday @ 6:15pm - Tumor cell oxidative metabolism as a barrier to PD-1 blockade immunotherapy in melanoma (also poster O11)

  • McLane (Mac) Watson on Saturday @5:51pm - Lactic acid metabolically supports the high suppressive function of tumor infiltrating regulatory T cells (also poster O13)

Two additional lab members are presenting during the poster sessions:

  • Dayana Rivadeneira - Fueling antitumor immunity using oncolytic viruses encoding metabolic modulators - P616

  • Yiyang “Steve” Wang - Metabolic reprogramming augments CAR T cell function - P208

And congrats to Dayana Rivadeneira, Nicole Scharping, and Mac Watson for winning Young Investigator Awards!

Come check us out to learn about our latest research in T cell metabolism and immunotherapy in the tumor microenvironment!