Updates from the Delgoffe Lab - Spring '18

Spring is here, bringing many new and exciting changes in the Delgoffe lab! We are happy to announce new funding, presentations at conferences, and new personnel to our lab! 

New funding in the Delgoffe Lab

  • Graduate Student Mac Watson was awarded funding from the University of Pittsburgh's Cancer Immunology Training Program T32.

National/International Presentations

  • Greg Delgoffe presented our lab's work on cancer immunometabolism at the Seventh Annual Tsinghua University-University of Pittsburgh Joint Symposium in Beijing, China.
  • Post doctoral fellow Dayana Rivadeneira presented her work on oncolytic viruses at the Immuno-Oncology Young Investigators’ Forum (IOYIF) in Huston, Texas.
  • Graduate student Nicole Scharping presented her work on the metabolic requirements for effective immunotherapy at the Ammerican Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois.

New personnel

Medical fellow Yiyang "Steve" Wang, technician Nathaniel Flick, and graduate students Kristin DePeaux and Ronal Peralta have all joined the Delgoffe lab. Welcome all!