Lab news

Finally, An Update!

Hello internet! Long time, no post! While this blog may have been relegated to the bottom of the to-do list, our science has not - our lab has been busy at both bench and keyboard to both better understand T cell metabolism in the tumor microenvironment. We have had some exciting milestones in the past couple of months, which we will briefly highlight in this post.


Our fearless leader, Dr. Greg Delgoffe, has had the opportunity to share our work at a number of national and international conferences in the past couple of months. He presented “Overcoming metabolic checkpoints to antitumor immunity” at the 9th Cellular Therapy Symposium in Erlangen, Germany, and at the 4th ImmunoTherapy Of Cancer Conference in Prague, Czech Republic. Greg also presented work on T cell metabolism at the American Transplant Congress in Chicago, Illinois and at the Transplantation Science Seminar in Victoria, British Columbia. Congrats, Greg!

New lab members:

While a few lab members have moved on to bigger and better things, we would like to formally welcome Dr. Dayana Rivadeneira (postdoctoral fellow) and McLane (Mac) Watson (graduate student)! Welcome to the lab guys!

New social media:

We are live on Twitter! Follow us @DelgoffeLab for day to day updates on lab news and events. We sign our tweets by hashtagging our initials, so you can see who has been tweeting.

That’s all for now, but not for long!

We have many exciting events coming along the pipeline - stay tuned to this blog or follow us on Twitter for updates!